3 Ways to Deal With and Love an Avoider

While we never like labels, the expression avoider stood out to us when we browse a modern concern from a reader… Here’s her question (utilised with her authorization)… “So, my husband is now an atheist although he went to seminary several years in the past. He desires to journey for […]

5 Ways to Be Fully Present on a Date

When it will come to dates, we often place a good deal of stress on ourselves and the other person: to carry out, to impress, to select up on every subtlety of every single joke, to be effortlessly charming.  For someone who truly needs a like link, it is easy […]

Reviving Trust After an Affair (part 2)

In no way in a million many years would I have believed I’d cheat on my intimate husband or wife.  I usually scorned cheaters for their absence of self-control and their selfishness. I would harp about the importance of loyalty in associations and preach great virtues—and then I went and […]

What to Do After an Affair (part 1)

“So, you are telling me… that you cheated on me?”  My partner’s terms came trembling out of her mouth in utter disbelief at what I had just announced. I shamefully nodded my head and agreed. I had just woefully informed my lover I cheated on her. She would under no […]